Instalaciones Electricas Javea denia

Tel 606 44 56 04

C/Jalón 76
Gata de Gorgos Alicante                  

Welcome to Instalaciones Sala

You will find us located in the Alicante region in the town of Gata de Gorgos. From 1999 we have been decidated to providing the community with the following services:

  • General Electrical Installations, commercial and private
  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Electronic Operating Gates & Doors
  • Digital Television Service TDT

We are here to offer you the latest technology and highest quality of service, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries and we will be more than happy to resolve your questions as quick as possible.

We are strong believers in our work ethic and thrive from many years of experience in the market. Our main object is to always offer the highest quality and most appropriate product to our client.

After years working in the market, INSTALACIONES SALA has converted into one of the market leaders, which we thank our clients for their ongoing support and trust.

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El servicio es fantástico y un gran valo

Steve - javea Resident

Servicio rápido y amigable. Me volveré a usar de nuevo Instalaciones Sala

David - Denia Resident

Gran solución para un problema complejo! gracias Instalaciones Sala

Maria - Denia Resident


Solarp Panels Javea Denia

Nueva gama de paneles solares actualmente en stock. Estos paneles solares pueden ahorrar hasta un 20% en sus facturas de energía.

Otro artículo interesante noticia relativa a un proyecto grande que Jaume ha hecho.

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